The Rushing to Yoga Foundation (RTY) is a 501 (c)(3) organization.  Founded in 2013, RTY seeks to strengthen peace and compassion within higher education by providing a number of curricula, customized retreats, and workshops for higher education faculty, administrators, and students as well as keynotes and seminars for the general public.


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What does The Rushing to Yoga Foundation Do?

We provide customized professional development, curriculum, and reflective opportunities for higher education faculty, staff, administrators, and students using clinically researched mindfulness and compassion cultivation methodology as well as guided inquiry and reflection.  Learn more

We serve all students, faculty, staff, and administrators involved in postsecondary education.

If this is not you and you are interested in receiving our services, please just send us an email directly letting us know of your or your organization’s needs.


Free access to mindfulness and compassion program

Would you like to see whether mindfulness and compassion cultivation practices are right for you without a large investment in resources (such as time and money)?
We invite you to enter your contact information to gain access to 16-weeks of daily lessons, practice videos, and 2-minute journaling questions that you can practice whenever you desire. This free offering is made possible by donations to The Rushing to Yoga Foundation. Learn more.  

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This book illustrates the research that can support youth, young adults, and their instructors, parents, guardians, and mentors to transform learning environments that subsequently contribute to employer desired learning and development outcomes.  Through embedding brief micro-lessons, engaging exercises, and reflective practice daily in- and out-of-classroom settings, students and their instructors and other adults can begin to experience a sense of flourishing.  This free book is made possible by donations to The Rushing to Yoga Foundation.   Learn more .  

Mindful Compassion_Social Learning MGIEP Paper

UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education
for Peace and Sustainable Development
Working Paper: How Mindful Compassion Practices can Cultivate Social
and Emotional LearningUNESCO_MGIEP_How Mindful Compassion Practices can Cultivate Social and Emotional Learning

There is increasing understanding worldwide that schools and youth learning environments must address students’ social and emotional needs in
order for them to learn and attain their highest potential (CASEL, 2018a). Determining what students’ specific needs are remains a challenge
for educators and educational systems. In this article, we describe practical ways to integrate an experiential training program – Mindful Compassion – into any existing mandatory curriculum or teacher education program, with
the aim to instill specific social and emotional competencies in students worldwide.


Soothing Exercises

Back to Course Back to Discussion Blog Bring to mind a  difficult experience, how you soothe a best friend – how you soothe a colleague –  how you soothe yourself exercise