William W. Weller, M.S.


William W Weller, M.S., Chair, Board of Directors
Rushing to Yoga Foundation
Founder and President,
Flagship USA

William W Weller, M.S. earned his Master Degree in Education from Bemidji State University in Minnesota.  He is founder and president of Flagship USA, Inc. a real estate development and management  company.

His experience includes employment as a park naturalist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resource, recreation and student activities director with Bemidji State University,  teaching in the St Paul Public Schools and insurance sales and marketing.
Past and present certifications include: Meditation Teacher – Chopra Center.  FAA – private pilot. Teacher & Coach – State of Minnesota.  Real Estate Broker – State of Minnesota.

Community service activities include the Board of Directors of the Vinland National Center and Founding Board Member of the Herb Brooks Foundation.

Travel adventures include Norway, Sweden, England, Wales, Germany, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Canada and Thailand as well as all 50 states.   Favorite places being Homer, Alaska;  Patong Beach, Thailand; Banff, Canada;  Carlsbad, California and Duluth, Minnesota.
Bill has always kept his mind, body, spirit balanced through leisure and sports activities such as golf, xc skiing, rollerblading, tennis, ice skating, hiking and kayaking.  He is especially loves to be outdoors  in nature and is attracted to beaches, sunsets,  mountains,  lakes, flowers and birds.

In all his activities an underlying theme of personal spiritual evolution continues to be a focal point.  He believes that a holistic approach to raising individual and community levels of consciousness will heal and transform harmful ideologies and improve educational opportunities and the quality of life for all.