Mindful Compassion Course and Workshops

This option is based on a modified version of a course that was created for UNESCO MGIEP in 2017. In this 8 week, 1.5 hours week online course, participants explore the inner experience individually and together by engaging in several evidence-based practices that originated in the Eastern region of the world.  These practices have been secularized in order to achieve the outcomes listed in the table below.  The intention is to explore these practices individually and then explore how they may be adopted and adapted in your daily personal and professional life; particularly for use in college-level learning and administrative practices.

Weeks Training Course Content Course Outcomes Course Excercises Evaluated By
One Mindfulness Intention and Attention Training To place attention on demand; To identify awareness of intention Focused Breathing, Focused Movement with Breath, and Journaling FFMQ
Two Mindfulness & Empathy Mindful Listening To give one’s full attention to listening; to gives one’s full attention to feeling for another; to give one’s full attention to explaining what one heard Mindful, active, and empathetic listening FFMQ & AALS
Three Mindfulness Emotional Awareness and Regulation To become aware of the body sensations that are associated with emotions and to become aware of the naming of feelings, thoughts, and beliefs associaed with those bodily sensations.  To become aware of what enters into one’s awareness Like/Dislikes, Body Scan, Open Awareness FFMQ
Four Mindfulness Cognitive Perspective and Self Regulation To become aware of ones’ thoughts and inquire into into them.  To become aware of the prcoess of stopping, breathing, noticing, reflecting, and responding. Arriving, SBNRR FFMQ
Five Empathy & Compassion Compassion To see all as human and to be able to offer kindness to self and others. Just Like Me, and Loving Kindness MCS
Six Empathy & Compassion Compassionate Dialogue To be able to own one’s own choices and to engage in difficult conversations NVC, Difficult Conversations AALS & MCS
Seven Mindfulness & Compassion Resilience To practice inner calm, being with emotions that are challenging, and to remember that the next moment is a new moment and a new opportunity for a new choice; to cultivate gratitude Resilience, Gratitude BRS & MCS

Resource Investment:  An instructor facilitated 8-week 1.5 hours/week online Mindful Compassion course ranges from $695-$1,295/participant depending on instructor expertise.  In the instructor facilitated class, individuals will receive personal weekly coaching by the instructor.  In addition, you will come together with other course participants to share ideas and experiences.

For those with inability to invest the stated amount, please advise as to what amount of investment is possible when registering for the course or inquiring about the course availability for your not-for-profit organization.