Leadership Compassion Informal Practices

Informal Practices

Here is a listing of exercises that can be completed anywhere anytime.  Enjoy!

  • Take one focused breath in any moment you would like or take more than one focused breath
  • Practice bringing awareness to walking, brushing your teeth, eating, sound, sight, combing your hair, pretty much anything you do at any moment during the day
  • Mindful listening… giving your full attention to listening to another
  • Active listening… “What I heard you Say is…”
  • Empathetic listening… “What I heard you Feel is…”
  • SBNRR – Stop, breathe, notice, reflect, and respond in any moment
  • Brief body scan – scanning from head to toe in any moment with the flashlight-like beam of attention
  • Bring your awareness into the open
  • Noticing Pleasant/Like and Unpleasant/Don’t Like in any moment and the bodily sensations, feelings, and thoughts associated with those
  • Inquire, “What is this?”
  • Steeping in the good
  • Offer kindness to self and to another
  • Notice the humanity in another
  • Non-violent communication – use your “I” language
  • Slices of Gratitude
  • Focused movement with breath
  • Anything that you invite your attention to rest upon!

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