Invite Students to Opt-in and Opt-out of Pair and Shares

As educators, we don’t always know who is experiencing challenges within our learning and development environment. And we aren’t always sure as to whether what we have invited students into dialoging around will be a further trigger for them.  One way to address this concern is by always inviting students to opt-in and opt-out of pair-and-share dialogues or small group dialogues.  A simple way for students to indicate whether they want to join in a dialogue or journal on their own is to offer them a card with 1 of each of the heart messages listed below on each side.  At the educators invitation, students can turn the green side up if they want to engage in dialogue with their peers, or alternatively turn the red side up if they choose to reflect on the invited dialogue prompt through silent journaling.  In this way, the student experiences choice in their learning environment and the instructor can scan the room for colors to determine who may need a one-on-one check-in following the learning experience.

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