Intrapersonal Competency Research Posters and Presentations


Research Poster: A Pre-Covid/During-Covid Assessment of Intrapersonal Competencies Among First-Time-in-College (FTIC) Students

Research Poster: Cultivating Intrapersonal Competencies Within Diverse Pre- FTIC Students for Equitable College Experiences


Exploring the Use of Intrapersonal Competency Pre-Assessments and First-Person Narrative to Identify Wealth and Opportunities for Student Success Equity (ANNYKeynote Presentation)

Assessing Course Design’s Influence on Student Learning: Exploring it From a Social, Emotional, and Neurocognitive Lens

Amplifying the Signal: Exploring the Usefulness of Natural Language Processing to Inform Student Success Decision- Making

Leveraging Malleable Intrapersonal Competency Data to Close Equity Gaps

Natural Language Process and Learning Analytics to Close Equity Gaps