Intra-Personal Competency Cultivation Resources

Disclaimer: While we understand these inventories, articles, and cultivation strategies are free to use by educational researchers and scholar practitioners, please contact the authors of each item you are interested in using for permission to use in your college/university applied research project. Thank you.

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Research Posters:

Research Poster: A Pre-Covid/During-Covid Assessment of Intrapersonal Competencies Among First-Time-in-College (FTIC) Students

Research Poster: Cultivating Intrapersonal Competencies Within Diverse Pre- FTIC Students for Equitable College Experiences

Research Presentations:

Exploring the Use of Intrapersonal Competency Pre-Assessments and First-Person Narrative to Identify Wealth and Opportunities for Student Success Equity (ANNYKeynote Presentation)

Assessing Course Design’s Influence on Student Learning: Exploring it From a Social, Emotional, and Neurocognitive Lens

Amplifying the Signal: Exploring the Usefulness of Natural Language Processing to Inform Student Success Decision- Making

Leveraging Malleable Intrapersonal Competency Data to Close Equity Gaps

Leveraging Malleable Intrapersonal Competency Data to Close Equity Gaps

More Resources

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