Consultations, Coaching, and Keynotes

Individual Consultations, Coaching, and Keynotes

Depending on your or your organizational needs, our certified team members can provide you with a multitude of individualized consultations.  You are welcome to find your own consultant by visiting this page [page with team members to go here] or you are welcomed to email us with responses to the following questions.  We will then put the most qualified team member in contact with you.

1) What is the primary question you are holding that motivated you to make this request?

a.  For example, instead of, “I want to learn to calm my mind,” we invite you to re-phrase that statement into a question such as, “how can I calm this flood of stressful thoughts whenever I want to do so?”

b.  Another example maybe, how do I get my colleagues to become more respectful of their differing approaches to resolving this problem, so that we can get our work done and on time?

2) How will one person or a group of people benefit from this consultation service?

3) What is the time frame in which you want to discover the answer to the question positive in number 1?

a. As you offer the time frame in which you need to discover the answer to the question, please be as specific as possible with your expectations.

4) What are the resources you and your organization can offer the selected consultant?

a. For example, can you offer a stipend, travel expenses if needed, space to conduct the workshop/focus group session if needed, etc?

b. Please be as specific as possible.

5) Is there anything else we should know about you, your team, or your request in order to match you with the team member who can be in service to this needed discovery?