Discussion Board: Cultivating Growth Mindset and Resilience

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Use these blogs to discuss points from the Cultivating Growth Mindset and Resilience Course:

General thoughts, questions & ideas?  Use this as a blog type chat room.

Slide 6Discuss: Given your pre-assessment scores, what would you like to focus on improving and why?

Slide 18 Discuss: In your own words, what does it mean to embody grit, growth mindset, and resilience?

Slide 19Discuss:  How would you cultivate growth Mindset and Resilience?

Slide 25:  2-Minute reflection:  What did you Notice from the exercises  for slide 23?

Slide 43: Discuss: Explanatory Style: How do you explain your experiences…. Explain this research

Slide 51: Discuss: What am I grateful for?

Slide 57: Discuss: How can I incorporate these practices into my daily routine?

Slide 61:Discuss: Final questions, concerns, thoughts, ideas?