Access Free Mindful Compassion Program

How do I learn about this practice and practice it in only a few minutes each day? Would you like to see whether mindfulness and compassion cultivation practices are right for you without a large investment in resources (such as time and money)?

If so, please view the orientation videos below. If this approach aligns with your interests and desired way of being in the world, we invite you to enter your contact information at bottom of page to gain free access to 16-weeks of daily lessons, practice videos, and 2-minute journaling questions that you can practice whenever you desire. This offer is made possible by donations to The Rushing to Yoga Foundation.

Why are we asking for your contact information? First, we are curious about who is practicing with us. So, we just simply want to know. Second, from time to time, you will receive emails where we will be inviting you into a community of mindfulness and compassion cultivation practitioners who also want to bring these practices (at no monetary cost) to educators, administrators, and the students they serve around the world.

To make this vision a reality, we need ideas and people who are willing to voluntarily, for example, physically print out the grades 6-12 curriculum and deliver those manuscripts to schools around the world who do not have access to these practices. Or we may need translators (to translate the guided practices into other languages), or mentors who support local practitioners with their practice and the embedding of the practices into their school environments.
This is simply about cultivating a gentle awareness of what is with the intention of creating a more compassionate way of being together on this earth.

(Be sure to bookmark the linked page so you do not have to enter your email next time you want to access the free course.)

“Every human being, of whatever origin, of whatever station, deserves respect. We must each respect others even as we respect ourselves. This, as the sages of many lands have taught us, is a golden rule in individual and group, as well as international, relations.” ―U Thant