Short Workshops

45 – 90 Minute Workshops

Change your Brain for Free
This session explains the neuroscience that undergirds exercises known to positively change certain portions and therefore functions of the brain. The good news is… you can engage in these exercises anywhere at any time for free.

Got Stress?
This session normalizes stressors and provides useful easy to access strategies proven to significantly reduce stress.

I don’t Wanna be a Pretzel
Engaging in yoga does not require you to be flexible or to move your body into pretzel-like poses. Attend this session to discover what yoga really is about and discover how easily you can move into the postures even if you aren’t flexible at all.

If Only I could Remember…
Mindfulness is translated from the Sanskrit word which literally means, “to remember.” Discover how to heighten your awareness through these age-old practices.

What did she Say?
Many conflicts arise because many have never learned to listen. In this session, discover simple 2- minute life changing ways to enhance your listening skills.