Integrative Inquiry Course

Integrative Inquiry is the process of integrating the knowledge gained from research, course learning, and book learning with the wisdom gained from intuition, sensing, and the mindful experiencing of emotions with the ability to embrace the unknown.  With the ability to integrate multiple sources of information through generative questions and other training methodologies, participants of the integrative inquiry curriculum are given the ability to regulate stress and creatively problem solve while experiencing ambiguity. This all leads to the promotion of peace and compassion through conscious choice-making.

We offer Integrative Inquiry which promotes:

1) emotional intelligence
2) conscious choice making among leaders
3) overall well-being
4) resilience
6) compassion
7) mindfulness
8) active listening

Integrative inquiry is offered in a number of formats. 

Resource Investment: 

  • A 16-week online course with no instructor facilitation for only $495.
  • A mobile app organized into daily practices can be found here.

An instructor facilitated 16-week 2.5 hours/week online Integrative Inquiry course ranges from $695-$1,495/participant depending on instructor expertise.  In the instructor facilitated class, you will be personally coached weekly by the instructor.  In addition, you will come together with other course participants to share ideas and experiences.  The highest significantly positive effect sizes for pre- and post- outcomes are found for participants who fully engage in the 16-week instructor facilitated course.

For those with inability to invest the stated amount, please advise as to what amount of investment is possible when registering for the course or inquiring about the course availability for your not-for-profit organization.