Free Webinars



Hosted by San Diego State University
(Updated September 13, 2018) 

All webinars are offered free of charge through SDSU Zoom –

Each webinar will be no more than 20 minutes in length with 10 additional minutes for live questions and comments.

Each webinar will be recorded and shared for future reference  on this site, where the free book with additional resources can be obtained. 

Fall 2018
 20-Minute Mindful Compassion Webinars
Hosted by San Diego State University
Benefits of mindfulness-based intervention
Current serires – starting October 18, 2018

Spring 2018 
Six 20-Minute Monthly Complimentary Brown Bag Webinars for Educators and the Students they Serve
based on the Curriculum written for UNESCO MGIEP
Completed – See Recorded Videos